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WP2 Zootechnics


WP3 Genetics and breeding

and breeding

WP4 Health management

Health management

WP5 New food products

New products

WP6 Economics and markets

and marketing

WP7 Governance and social acceptability

and social acceptability




Mediterranean Aquaculture Integrated Development

MedAID (Mediterranean Aquaculture Integrated Development) is a 4.5 year research project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme, with the goal of increasing the overall competitiveness and sustainability of the Mediterranean marine fish-farming sector (especially gilthead seabream and European seabass), throughout the whole value chain. MedAID Consortium integrates 34 partners from 13 European and Mediterranean countries. The project is structured around seven thematic “Work packages” (WPs), each one covering different aspects in the aquaculture value chain that respond to technical, market, economic, social and governance challenges that Mediterranean fish farming is currently facing; these are complemented by one integrating WP that synthetizes conclusions and recommendations, and two transversal WPs for stakeholder consultation and dissemination and for project management.

WP no. Theme (toolbox menu) WP full name
WP 1 Industry assessment Holistic sustainability assessment of Mediterranean aquaculture
WP 2 Zootechnics Improving zootechnical performance (feeding, husbandry practices, at juvenile and on growing phases)
WP 3 Genetics and breeding Genetics and breeding
WP 4 Health management Health management and diseases and fish welfare
WP 5 New food products Product development, market and consumer assessment
WP 6 Economics and markets Improving business performance and development of strategic marketing plans
WP 7 Governance and social acceptability Social acceptability and governance of aquaculture development in the Mediterranean


The MedAID toolbox gathers the more relevant outputs and results of the project, organized to provide the user with simple and rapid resource selection and access. These resources are according upon the following criteria:

  • Topic/categories: thematic areas responding to the project themes, plus the decision support tools
  • Year of the document
  • Type of result:

o Deliverable: report of project results and activities, containing detailed information, data and conclusions of the experimental work.

o Publications: scientific and technical publications in a wide range of specialized journals and reviews. Open publications are freely available.

o Recommendations. MedAID has synthetized a series of recommendations per Work package/theme, based on the analysis and conclusions of 4.5 years of research. Each recommendation has a summary and an annex with more detailed information

o Training: online learning modules developed from training courses organised in the framework of the project or in cooperation with other projects. Modules are open and free of charge.

o Webinars

o Other resources: MedAID webinar presentations and fact sheets synthetizing project results and recommendations per WP.

You can explore the header menu to retrieve outputs, results and documents per thematic area. In each of these areas, you will find a brief description of the background and the work developed by MedAID on this particular area, and an engine to refine the search for resources.

The Toolbox also has a general search engine where you can select not only the type and the year of the resources, but the thematic area/s you wish to investigate.